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For years now, we have been amongst the leading providers of practice management software, web applications and digital X-ray systems in veterinary medicine. Our image management software is used by veterinarians and specialists most frequently worldwide, thanks to you and our guiding principle: work easy. Our products facilitate and optimize the everyday life of the practice, and the business processes of our customers and partners, in all areas of animal health. Our innovations enable 15,000 customers and partners, and millions of animal owners all over the world, to work more easily and connect better with each other.

In 1997, Ingo and Thomas Fraedrich had a vision of simple and integrated practice management software. With the first customers and a handful of employees, VetZ’s goal was to sustainably change how vets and assistants manage everyday life in the practice. VetZ had a decisive influence on how data and information are processed and exchanged in veterinary medicine. Even then, it was clear that the simple and uniform integration of all applications, devices and the internet into one software would become one of the most important trademarks of VetZ.

Today, with over 20 years of experience, more than 70 employees, 4 locations and over 150,000 satisfied users, integration, innovation and user-friendliness are the most important trademarks of VetZ. As a successful and independent family company, we have paved the way for even more innovations, and even simpler solutions. Get ready for the next generations of easyVET and easyIMAGE, and be there when we introduce, our new portal for animal health and communication.

Behind all the developments, products and services at VetZ, there is a great team. A team that puts you, our customer, first. That accompanies us on the paths we take, with great dynamism and dedication. A team of people who enjoy what they do. We are proud to have so many of them. Here, you can get to know a few and their teams.


Our Managing Directors, Ingo and Thomas Fraedrich, are the founders and strategic heads of VetZ. Ingo Fraedrich is responsible for the areas of sales, marketing, new technologies and human resources, and his brother Thomas manages the areas of programming, quality assurance and finance.

Team management

Our Team Leaders are responsible for the quality of our support, and plan the installations of easyVET, easyIMAGE and our digital X-ray systems. They ensure that everything runs smoothly for you and for us. In addition, they supervise large projects in veterinary clinics and universities all over the world, and support our overseas locations and partners.


Our sales team is always pleased to get to know you and to listen to you, so that together you can find the right products and services, and make the right decisions. All employees are experts in their respective fields, speak several languages, and have the necessary knowledge and skills, as vets, practice managers and economists, to meet all your needs.


Our support is there for you around the clock. No matter which product you use – easyVET, easyIMAGE, XDR, XCR, or – our support team will be happy to assist you, in German, English, Dutch and French. Whenever employees are away from their phones, they are on their way to you for training sessions, installations and everything else that can happen.


Our editorial team has combined knowledge of information technology, veterinary medicine and marketing. Fresh, simple and understandable texts are created here for newsletters, manuals and our knowledge base. User videos are produced here, and we ensure that our software and web applications always meet the latest professional standards.


Our programmers are at the heart of everything we do at VetZ. Without our great programming team, our visions would stay on the drawing board and our wishes would never come true. These are specialists for whom Visual Studio, C++, NET, C#, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, AngularJS, Apache Cordova, POET and SQL are not a foreign language – and what a good thing it is, too! Because they are the only reason that easyVET, easyIMAGE, and exist. Genius!

Our partners


VET-Leasing is our partner for flexible financing offers. As the market leader in veterinary medicine, VET-Leasing has long-standing experience with hire purchase and leasing, and always finds the right solutions for our customers.

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cuattro is our partner for digital X-rays. The American company, which was founded in 2004, provides the detectors and the image processing software for our XDR4 and XDR5 digital X-ray systems.

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Dortmunder Kreis

We have a friendly partnership with the Dortmunder Kreis (DOK). In 2005, we developed a web application together with the DOK for the registration of ECVO eye examinations, and thus laid the foundations for the success of

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The society for X-ray diagnosis of genetically influenced skeletal diseases in small animals [Gesellschaft für Röntgendiagnostik genetisch beeinflusster Skeletterkrankungen bei Kleintieren] (GRSK) is a long-standing partner of VetZ. In 2007, the electronic transfer of digital HD and ED X-ray images was introduced by in partnership with GRSK.

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VetCT is a global provider of telemedicine services in veterinary medicine. In 2015, VetCT was the first company to become a partner for teleradiology at Our customers therefore have direct, no-detour access to the services of VetCT in their software.

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BFS health finance

BFS health finance offers billing-related solutions and services. Together with BFS, we offer our customers credit checks and fully automated invoice transfer directly in their software.

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RpunktDESIGN is responsible for all the brilliance of our adverts, newsletters and on our website. Together with our creative agency, we have already won the sought-after Red Dot Design Award twice: for our digital X-ray system XDR2 and the successor XDR3.

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