VetZ is now an Antech company. Read the announcement.

VetZ and Heska become part of MARS Petcare

MARS completes the acquisition of Heska
Heska becomes part of Mars Petcare’s Science & Diagnostics division to broaden access to diagnostics and technology and accelerate innovation.

VetZ becomes part of the Heska family

Statement by Thomas and Ingo Fraedrich on the new and exciting chapter at VetZ
A new chapter begins: VetZ becomes part of the Heska family. What was planned for a long time now becomes reality. For a digital, veterinary future. For common ideas and visions. For the health of our animals!

We’re there for you!

Statement on the current Corona situation and free offers.
The current corona situation has us all firmly in its grip and will probably keep us busy for a long time to come. Many things have to be organized differently, familiar procedures cannot take place and personal contact with each other is severely limited or even impossible. For you, your customers and for us, however, personal contact is not only the most beautiful and normal thing in the world, but also one of the most important business principles. Nevertheless, we must now keep our distance from each other and look for other ways to stay in touch.

VetZ at the WVC Annual Conference in Las Vegas

Practice management should not be a gamble
With easyVET, everything works exactly as you expect it to. A completely electronic index card? Integrated. A powerful viewer and the best PACS in veterinary medicine? Integrated. Communication via e-mail, text messaging or the brand-new petsXL animal health app? Integrated. Request management and standardized result integration with all veterinary laboratory devices (Idexx, Abaxis, Heska, Fuji)? Integrated. DICOM Store and DICOM Worklist for all digital X-ray units (Sound, cuattro, VetRocket, etc.), ultrasound (GE, Esaote), endoscopy, CT (Epica) and MRI (Hallmark)? Integrated. Scheduling, resource planning, case system and whiteboard? Integrated. Structured examination forms with a visual presentation of the progression of all examination parameters and vitals? Integrated 78 times over. Stock control with an exhaustive product list? Integrated. Evaluations, analyses, KPIs? Integrated!
It is all integrated! Guaranteed! No dependency − no gamble − easyVET. The original! Available for purchase or rental. On your server or in our cloud.


Automated stock control with Rowa storage systems and easyVET
One look inside a Rowa automated storage system makes it clear why we had to connect easyVET and Rowa.  The use of the latest technology to handle your products in the smallest possible space is impressive and unique in the world of veterinary medicine. Your products are organized perfectly in just a few square meters. Depending on the system (Rowa Smart® or Rowa Vmax®), that results in space savings of up to 67 percent. And the time savings are even greater: Thanks to the optimum connection of Rowa and easyVET, you could save up to 85 percent of the time usually required for product management. Your ordered products are scanned directly when they are stored and the stock information in easyVET, including the batch number and expiry date, is updated immediately.  The required medication is simply entered in the index card, and seconds later it is dispensed at the reception desk. You can spend the time you save with your patients. We take care of your stock control: Rowa and easyVET.

VetZ and easyVET at the New York Vet Show and the AAEP in San Antonio

The only integrated software in the world for your practice – easyVET now in the US
easyVET, the European market leader for practice management software, is now available in the US. Five thousand clients and 20 years of expertise create a software package that guarantees a 15% or more revenue increase for your practice. Visit us at the New York Vet Show and the AAEP, try our hands-on interface that allows you to complete a full medical report and invoice in less than one minute while being with your patient. Work with your X-rays, CTs and MRIs directly in easyVET with our fully embedded PACS. Manage your inventory in your trucks, and send your lab requests directly from the medical record. easyVET provides you with an integrated approach, no matter how small or how big your practice is.

Prevention with easyVET:

The new functions for animal health and treatment plans
Small animals, horses and livestock alike all need regular veterinary care to stay fit and successfully prevent diseases. Thanks to the clever new functions for animal health and treatment plans, it is now easy to arrange regular healthcare and preventive measures with your clients and manage them in easyVET. How about a premium prevention plan for dog owners, a vaccination and worming plan for horse owners, or a stock care plan for farmers? All it takes is a few steps to define your individual plans and benefit from more regular income, more reliable capacity planning for your team and stronger customer loyalty. Getting easyVET pays off!

Winning performance

Faster and easier than anything you've seen before, for CT and MRI. Unlimited diagnostic power.
Our programmers have gone the extra mile for you – and have turned their back on the past. That’s why 64-bit easyIMAGE is completely new. It’s lightning fast, with intelligent multiprocessing and no limits. easyIMAGE is packed with impressive new possibilities and the most powerful, efficient 2D and 3D image processing ever featured in an image management software, so that you can take advantage of modern CT and MRT technologies and comprehensively diagnose your sequences regardless of image size, number of images and resolution faster than lightning. The new 64-bit version of easyIMAGE lets you work without delays and with as many sectional views, reconstructions and projections as you want while creating and generating volume renderings in real time – while viewing all the other images and videos on your screen. Don’t just dream of more performance, get it: with easyIMAGE.

Integrated communication

Phone, fax, e-mail and text messaging. The new communication tools in easyVET.
Discover a whole new world of possibilities and connect with staff, clients, partners and colleagues the fast and easy way. The new communication tools make easyVET your comprehensive information center. You can make phone calls, write e-mails and send text messages from anywhere in easyVET. Simply move your mouse or click to view our new communication window and see contact details for the selected employee, client, colleague or sales rep. Now all you have to do is click on the symbol next to the telephone number or e-mail address for easyVET to call the number or show you a dialogue window where you can write your e-mail or text message. And just like you would expect your information center to do, every call and everything you write and send in easyVET is automatically stored in the client, colleague or supplier file.

The new examination forms

State of the art – 80 times over. The new standard in veterinary documentation.
After more than two years in development, the new examination forms for dogs, cats, horses and livestock have arrived. Structured, state-of-the-art veterinary examinations combined with systematic and consistent documentation, specially developed examination graphics with integrated templates for your drawings that are as individual as necessary and as standardized as possible. From medical history and abdominal ultrasound to orthopedic examinations and vital signs, easyVET lets you and your team keep complete, consistently high-quality records of your patients’ health that are designed to last. Our thanks go out to all the clients, vets, specialists and employees around the world who made this one-of-a-kind multimedia library possible.